Sales Tips from Mike Manzi

Everyone wants more sales – either by making their team better, their plan better, or their outreach better. That’s why companies like John Deere, Wistia, Snowflake, ZScaler, ADP and small businesses across the globe work with Mike Manzi. This video is filled with so many Gems….so sit down and get your notepad. Learn tips on: […]

How To: Sales Call Tips with Matt Easton of Easton University

Get CONCRETE tips you can implement today for your sales calls and voice mails! Jared Ross chats with one of the Nation’s leading Sales Coaches…Matt Easton of Easton University. Sit down, buckle up and get ready for actual sales coaching techniques that you can put to use today! Wow is all we can say! 1. […]

Sales Call Reluctance? Fix it!!!

Sales Call Reluctance? Fix it with Michael Pedone CEO of SalesBuzz! Jared Ross of eCarrierCheck had the pleasure to sit down with an expert who has helped thousands of people adapt and overcome sales call reluctance. Michael explains most people calling do not even have a full understanding of the basics that it takes to […]

The Freight Coach -Chris Jolly discusses Freight & Logistics & his Journey!

Jared Ross with eCarrierCheck sits down with “The Freight Coach”…Chris Jolly! Chris is a passionate professional with extensive experience in leadership, multi-mode direct sales, freight management, business development, and proven growth in a highly competitive segment of the transportation industry. What can he do for your freight business??? It’s time to find out!!! Contact Chris […]

How to Protect Your Computer Data -Trucking Industry Tips!

Protect your Brokerage, Dispatch Service, Carrier Business, and more from a data loss or theft!!!! Jared Ross meets up with Jeromy Delgado of ERH Technology Solutions on how to protect your business and it’s critical data. And yes, a data loss can happen to both large and small operations. Also get your free Cyber Protection […]

Start a Trucking Company, Interview with Shaggy

In this episode we welcome Shaggy of Shaggy’s Consulting & Training. Shaggy is one of the industry’s biggest and most colorful professionals. He takes his scars earned in the trenches of the trucking industry and now offers it to people entering the industry so that they get off on the right foot. His training sessions […]

How to Make Money with your Cargo & Sprinter Van

Jared Ross with sits down with the “King of Cargo/Sprinter Vans”, -Tavaris Little. Can you make money with a cargo/sprinter van? HECK YES! Take tips from Tavaris. You can also reach out to him via his YouTube Channel. You can grow your Cargo/Sprinter van business using the “Shipper Search” features in eCarrierCheck. Schedule […]

Sales Tips & Tools -All Things Sales!

Jared Ross with eCarrierCheck sits down with Tyler who is a seasoned Account Executive with one of the nation’s largest 3PLs who’s mission is to provide shipping & freight services to small and mid-sized companies. In this video Tyler provides tips, tools and techniques that he has learned along the way. These tools have helped […]