Find Carriers and Shippers.

Search 400,000 active motor carriers by equipment, location, size, and risk.

Prospect 40,000+ enriched shipper leads by industry and location.

Find Shippers Carriers Your Edge.

New Features in 2024

Advanced Carrier Vetting

  • Updated DAILY using metrics that combat double-brokering
  • In one glance; know how a carrier stacks up against its peers
  • Avoid risky carriers without relying on anonymous reports made by other users (…which may or may not even be true)
  • View Carrier Equipment and when it was last inspected.

Enriched Shipper Leads

  • Explore over 40,000 enriched shipper leads.
  • Search by industry, location, equipment needs, or keyword
  • Discover key contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, company insights, and more.
  • No credits, no tokens, just leads.
Thanks for the eCarrierCheck. Saved our people from getting hit by scam in 4 days( 3x). System is Top Notch and a big recomendation to be safe, informative, productive and for working without a worry. Thanks for all Your work and sharing this product.👍👍👍👍
I decided to give this platform a try for a month, and I have decided to keep it for longer. It helped me find a super awesome carrier that took care of a load I had for this week. Being a new Broker, I've found this platform way more helpful than a traditional loadboard.
Incredible tool produced by an incredible team. Jared is world-class and this tool rocks! Highly recommend.

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The Ultimate Logistics Leads Platform

  • Find great carriers – Gain freedom from load boards. 
  • Discover new Shippers in your Wheelhouse 
  • Search by Lane and Equipment Type
  • Access to 40+ advanced, easy-to-use search filters
  • One-Click Data Exports of Carrier Leads
  • Daily Interstate Authority Monitoring and Prospecting

Starting at $100 / Month

Cancel at Any Time

Free Risk Profiles on any Carrier

  • The Only Free Risk Assessment Platform
  • Lookup Interstate Risk Profiles for North American Carriers
  • Generated from over 40 critical metrics, updated daily
  • Includes Carrier Profile Information & FMCSA Data
  • Helps identify chameleon carriers, double brokers, and unsafe companies

Learn from Industry Experts

  • Live Sales Cold Calls for Brokers, Carriers, & Dispatchers
  • Live streams with Industry Experts
  • eCarrierCheck How-To Videos
  • eCarrierCheck “Office Hours” – ask us anything related to our site

Who Are We?

We’re a small, passionate team of former industry professionals (from both the asset side, and the freight broker side). 

Since 2020, we’ve been building solutions to the problems & uncertainties facing brokers, carriers, and dispatchers every day. We started by building specialized carrier sourcing tools; but over the years, our platform has grown to cover many other issues as well:

  • How do you stay competitive against all of the thousands of other people working the same load boards?
  • How do you forge direct, lasting relationships instead of inefficient and risky one-and-done relationships?
  • How do you vet Carriers and avoid double brokers or unsafe companies? 
  • How do you find new shipping leads to grow your business?

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Integrate Advanced Searching & Filtering

  • API Access to Carrier Location, Lane, and Equipment searches
  • Over 40+ advanced search filters, as well as an AI Search
  • Includes Risk Profiles, Carrier Info, FMCSA Data, and more
  • Our API is available on an invite-only basis