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1. Save Time Prospecting.

Effortlessly find targeted leads in your wheelhouse, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters — building meaningful relationships and growing your business.


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We show you Key Contacts in specialized roles so that you can quickly identify the right decision-makers to connect with and reach out to.


3. Unlock New Opportunities

We’ve taken the legwork out of researching potential leads. We show you Equipment requirements and unique insights for each shipper. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly establish value when making sales.

Bypass the Gatekeepers

In some cases, we are able to identify and predict the Email Addresses of key contacts at the shipper; so that you can bypass the gatekeepers and directly reach out to key decision-makers.


Find Your Niche

Explore new industries; or find shippers in an industry where you already have established relationships, connections, and domain knowledge.


Maximize Your Potential

Our commitment to your success goes beyond our leads platform. Tune into our YouTube channel for live cold calls and freight industry sales training. These livestreams are completely free; even to non-users of our platform.


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