Find and Vet Carriers.

Search by Location, Lane, Company Size, Risk Level, Carrier Equipment and more.

Finding Great Carriers Shouldn't Be Hard.

AI-Powered Search 

Our system intelligently combines over 50 data-points to classify carriers & show you only the most relevant companies first.

One-Click Filters.

Find carriers with the right equipment operating in specific locations or lanes. Over 40+ filter options.

Stop Double Brokers

95%+ of Double Brokering occurs either through load boards; or with double brokers initiating the relationship. Take control of your business by finding your own leads.

Simple Vetting

See important info at a glance– Current authority status, recent inspections, matching companies, and hiring risk.

Targeted Leads in Seconds

Effortlessly filter by over 20 different equipment types, risk level, location or lane, operating authority, carrier size, carrier age, and much more.

Speed up hiring decisions

We show you everything you need to know before diving deeper. Risk Percentile, Authority Status, Carrier Equipment, and more.


Find the Best Carrier

Ensure you are using the best option every time. Take control over your business by finding specific carriers without relying on load boards. 

Risk Factors

Easily see risk factors that play a role in making a hiring decision for a carrier. Our system is fine-tuned at identifying common behaviors used by double-brokers.

Track Recent Changes

Know what information has changed, and when. Double-brokers buy old MC’s and re-use them. Staying on top of changing information is a powerful tool when vetting carriers.

Carrier Snapshots

View the most critical information at a glance. See all matching companies, pending insurance cancellations, OOS orders, and more.

Risk Percentiles

We compare all similar-sized carriers against each other so that you can see how a given company stacks up against their peers.

Thanks for the eCarrierCheck. Saved our people from getting hit by scam in 4 days( 3x). System is Top Notch and a big recomendation to be safe, informative, productive and for working without a worry. Thanks for all Your work and sharing this product.👍👍👍👍
I decided to give this platform a try for a month, and I have decided to keep it for longer. It helped me find a super awesome carrier that took care of a load I had for this week. Being a new Broker, I've found this platform way more helpful than a traditional loadboard.
Incredible tool produced by an incredible team. Jared is world-class and this tool rocks! Highly recommend.

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Advanced Carrier Data At Your Fingertips

Prefer working with spreadsheets? Turn the first 20 pages of any carrier search into downloadable .csv files with one click

Let our technology do the work for you.

Effortlessly find companies based on equipment type & location. Or pull up specific companies based on contact information or their DOT/MC number.

Built for You.

eCarrierCheck was created & fine-tuned by people who broker freight.

We are constantly innovating & improving our platform. Ask us about the power of some of eCarrierCheck’s additional features & benefits:

  • Enriched Shipper Leads
  • Find Matching Shippers
  • Daily Carrier Monitoring
  • Click-to-Dial & Phone Tech
  • …and much more