Built for Logistics Professionals

Built for Logistics Professionals

Free Risk Profiles on any Carrier

  • The Only Free Risk Assessment Platform
  • Lookup Risk Profiles for any North American Carrier
  • Generated from over 40 critical metrics, updated daily
  • Includes Carrier Profile Information & FMCSA Data
  • Helps identify chameleon carriers, double brokers, and unsafe companies

The Ultimate Logistics Leads Platform

  • Find great carriers – Gain freedom from load boards. 
  • Discover new Shippers in your Wheelhouse 
  • Search by Lane and Equipment Type
  • Access to 40+ advanced, easy-to-use search filters
  • One-Click Data Exports
  • Realtime Interstate Authority Monitoring and Prospecting

Starting at $89 / Month

Cancel at Any Time

I decided to give this platform a try for a month, and I have decided to keep it for longer. It helped me find a super awesome carrier that took care of a load I had for this week. Being a new Broker, I've found this platform way more helpful than a traditional loadboard.
Fantastic product. Easy prospecting tool for carriers and brokers. Nate and Jared are at the helm and run instructional videos weekly on how to use the site and provide better service in general. I can't recommend it enough.
eCarrierCheck found me 10 dump trucks for an urgent project within 5 minutes and made me a whole bunch of money!!!! Best tool for brokers ever!

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Why eCarrierCheck?

Built & Fine-tuned by industry professionals, we understand the difficulties & uncertainties brokers, carriers, and dispatchers are facing every day: 

  • How do you stay competitive against all of the thousands of other people working the same load boards?
  • How do you forge direct, lasting relationships instead of inefficient and risky one-and-done relationships?
  • How do you vet Carriers and avoid double brokers or unsafe companies? 
  • How do you find new shipping leads to grow your business?

Our Software, our Live Streams, and our Entire Community are dedicated towards helping people solve these problems. 

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Learn from Industry Experts

  • Live Sales Cold Calls for Brokers, Carriers, & Dispatchers
  • Live streams with Industry Experts
  • eCarrierCheck How-To Videos
  • eCarrierCheck “Office Hours” – ask us anything related to our site

Integrate Advanced Searching & Filtering

  • API Access to Carrier Location, Lane, and Equipment searches
  • Over 40+ advanced search filters, as well as an AI Search
  • Includes Risk Profiles, Carrier Info, FMCSA Data, and more
  • Our API is available on an invite-only basis