Struggling to find trucks?

There is no question that finding carriers for your freight is harder than ever before. That is why we designed a new set of tools to help freight brokers find capacity outside of traditional load boards. Expand your net with and find those carriers with the rates you need.

Crane Search or Anything Related with a DOT#.

Check out this video we recorded on-site at brokerage.  This brokerage test-drove eCarrierCheck and ran it through the paces.  They located a crane, 1-2-3! There are numerous situations our search filters can help with. Many vehicles require DOT numbers or are related to vehicles that require DOT numbers. Certain passenger transport vehicles, tow trucks, hazardous […]

New Things Coming -eCarrierCheck

We are always looking to improve and provide more value to our eCarrierCheck clients. We have taken suggestions from our current users and focus groups to implement enhancements to user tools and to make signing up for eCarrierCheck easier than ever before. Simpler/Easier Onboarding Realtime Email & Communication Tracking (Indicators when an email was sent/delivered/opened/rejected/etc) […]

Tips to Find New Shippers.

At eCarrierCheck, our goal is to help you find carriers, and grow your business. The shipper search within eCarrierCheck allows you to get started with the first step of the prospecting process– finding targets. All of the searches you use to find carriers, can be applied to finding new shippers. What we do is find […]

STOP What You Are Doing! Growth Tools for Freight Brokers!

A HUGE benefit available in eCarrierCheck is the ability to grow your business by targeting business types you already have success with. You know what you do best, you know the types of shippers you excel with, now go out and find more of them with our powerful shipper search tools! Our clients rank the […]

Find Carriers, Find Shippers, Find Your Edge.

Find carriers outside of load boards!!! An innovative suite of tools vital to finding carriers and contributing to the success of your brokerage. Learn how eCarrierCheck can grow your brokerage, find carriers, automatically collect rates, and much more.

This Could Change the Way You Find Carriers Forever!

eCarrierCheck has revolutionized how we approach carrier selection for many of our loads. Our brokers now have an opportunity to find carriers that would normally be outside their traditional search groups. We’ve been able to save our customers money and offer them better service, all while knowing that we are partnering with the best qualified […]

eCarrierCheck & The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)

We are excited to announce our partnership with TIA. TIA is the premier organization for third-party logistics professionals in North America. Keep your eyes open for exciting things as we work over the next few months with TIA. Stay Tuned!!! Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization of the $214 billion third-party logistics industry. TIA […]

Email Signature Setup.

Emailing multiple targeted carriers at one time about a load you need moved is one of the powerful time-saving features offered within the suite of eCarrierCheck tools. One way to make it even more efficient is to set up your automatic email signature just as you do in MS Outlook. You can keep it simple, […]

Caller ID and Call Log

Information is powerful, and eCarrierCheck makes it simple to access your caller information with an integrated Caller ID & Call Log feature. Quickly view your call history and dig deeper into details of each call/caller. Reviewing your call history can provide insight into where your calls are coming from and what times calls are heavy. […]