Join us today to hear from BEST SELLING author & one of the ABSOLUTE leaders in sales strategy! Anthony Iannarino drops so many “golden nuggets” in this interview that you cannot afford to pass it up. He is just that good!

1. How do you get “One-up” on your competition who offers similar solutions?
2. Are you using sales techniques that are outdated and over 30 years old?
3. Focus on strategic outcomes…not just solutions (because everyone has solutions!)
4. Your conversations should focus on differentiating yourself from others.
5. You have to be a trusted business advisor not salesperson.
6. Focus your sales skills so that you excel with “human effectiveness with another human being.” Human to Human.
7. Why you need TWO sales funnels! Short-term and Dream Client sales funnels.
8. Bigger companies spend more money and need more help!
9. Most sales people have the EXACT same pitch. Differentiate yourself!
10. Stop selling solutions only. Every sales person has solutions, so it is critical in the buyers mind that you differentiate yourself!

Plus more great content in this interview. Thank you Anthony for one of our most powerful content packed interviews. We actually expected nothing less from you!

To reach Anthony, visit his website:

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