9 GREAT Upgrades to eCarrierCheck

1. Simplified Search

Finding the right carrier shouldn’t be hard. Discover your next Carrier or Shipper faster and more efficiently. With our redesigned search page, combine filters like equipment, location, lane, company data, safety/vetting details, and much more. Your ideal carrier is now just a few clicks away.

2. Comprehensive Carrier Vetting

Our refined carrier row layout provides a holistic view of key information. See matching companies, recent inspections, crash records, and current authority statuses all at one glance. Make informed decisions on the best carriers to connect with. It’s all the info you need, all in one place.


3. Enhanced Authority Transfer Insights

Stay informed with clear indicators on the Carrier row about authority transfers. This empowers you with invaluable data, aiding in superior hiring choices.



4. Real-time Authority Monitoring

Monitor carriers effortlessly for vital changes in authority status or safety metrics. Get daily email updates or access a summary spreadsheet of the past week’s updates on your selected carriers.



5. Daily Authority Prospecting

For those keen on fresh leads, we now send daily updates or offer a weekly spreadsheet download. This ensures you’re always a step ahead in reaching out to carriers that fit your criteria. For example, you can opt into receiving a list of all companies who just got their MC Authority activated or reactivated; or those whose authority has been put on notice of pending revocation.



6. In-depth Association Analysis

Sometimes seemingly great carriers can have hidden relationships. Delve into the intricate web of associations a carrier may have. With a single click from the carrier row, uncover both hidden and not-so-hidden relationships.


7. Free Carrier Directory

In our bid to combat industry malpractices like fraud and double brokering, we’ve launched a complimentary website for Carrier risk profiles, ensuring everyone has access to reliable carrier vetting tools. Try it today!



8. Detailed Broker Data

For users scouting for brokers, we provide comprehensive data sourced from the web. This includes their website, social media handles, and their freight specialties. Showing this info about brokers is just the start—soon we will also show this type of info for the Shipper Leads throughout our site.


9. Shipper Tools for Better Prospecting

Prospecting shippers is now a breeze. Jot down notes, categorize them in your prospecting stages, and even set reminders across the platform. Whether you prefer a call, email, or text, we’ve got you covered.



Committed to Building the Technology You Need

As we explore new innovative ways to provide value and improve our site, we want to thank all of our users who have helped us get this far. Your continued support & feedback is the reason we are here. Please continue to send us your feedback & suggestions to [email protected]  

And, if you aren’t on eCarrierCheck yet, what are you waiting for? Watch a demo at https://ecarriercheck.com/demo/  to see how we eCarrierCheck can help you succeed!


-eCarrierCheck Team


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