Prospecting Shippers -Seeing the carriers they already use.

Wouldn’t everyone like to see the inner workings of a business they are prospecting???? Yep, it would be powerful information to know if they are a good fit for your shipping expertise. eCarrierCheck allows you to search a shipper by name and see the carriers and trailer/equipment types they use. You can quickly gain knowledge […]

Freight Brokers -Completing Your First Load for a New Shipper.

Freight Brokers -You just completed your first load for a new shipper. How do you follow up? How can you stand out from other brokers? Topics covered in this video are: Shippers expect seamless billing Add a human touch Professional persistence Carrier expectations & relationships Recognize when work is done well View the entire series […]

Freight Brokers -You Have a Quote, Now What?

Freight Brokers -“You have a quote, now what?”, is part three of a four-part series to help new brokers break into the game. Topics covered in this video are: Run the miles, understand the locations & value of the load Call the customer and “build trust.” What question do you ask if you are awarded […]

Freight Brokers -How to Build Trust with Prospects!

Freight Brokers -How to Build Trust with Prospects is part two of a four-part series to help new brokers break into the game. Building your business is hard! Jared offers insight into getting off on the right foot with shippers who you are prospecting. Topics covered are: Find your niche Do your homework Respect their […]

New Freight Brokers -How to Get Shippers

Being a new freight broker, finding shippers, and building your business is a difficult task. Jared Ross with provides some tips learned along the way during this quick four-part series. Get yourself ready for new shipper clients with actual tips you can try now! You can view the entire series here: New Freight […]

The Freight Coach Podcast featuring Jared Ross of eCarrierCheck

eCarrierCheck was recently asked to be on The Freight Coach podcast. If you are not subscribed to his podcasts yet, you better do so! He explores so many great topics that affect Brokers, Shippers, Carriers and more. In this attached podcast issue, The Freight Coach asks how eCarrierCheck helps brokers find carriers outside of load […]

Demos Every Tuesday & Thursday 2pm (Eastern Time)

Join us Tuesdays or Thursdays 2:00-2:30pm (Eastern Time) for a no-obligation DEMO of eCharrierCheck! Use the Zoom link below. Copy the link into your calendar. Demo Link:

Struggling to find trucks?

There is no question that finding carriers for your freight is harder than ever before. That is why we designed a new set of tools to help freight brokers find capacity outside of traditional load boards. Expand your net with and find those carriers with the rates you need.

Crane Search or Anything Related with a DOT#.

Check out this video we recorded on-site at brokerage.  This brokerage test-drove eCarrierCheck and ran it through the paces.  They located a crane, 1-2-3! There are numerous situations our search filters can help with. Many vehicles require DOT numbers or are related to vehicles that require DOT numbers. Certain passenger transport vehicles, tow trucks, hazardous […]

New Things Coming -eCarrierCheck

We are always looking to improve and provide more value to our eCarrierCheck clients. We have taken suggestions from our current users and focus groups to implement enhancements to user tools and to make signing up for eCarrierCheck easier than ever before. Simpler/Easier Onboarding Realtime Email & Communication Tracking (Indicators when an email was sent/delivered/opened/rejected/etc) […]