2023-2024, The State Of The Freight Industry

This episode includes a great discussion with the “Bodacious Cowboy”, (Jeff Dickenson). We talk about closing out 2023, and what to possibly to expect going into 2024. There are some golden nuggets in this discussion that you don’t want to miss! If you are a freight professional looking for solutions that give you a competitive […]

3 Ways to Get A Shipper Without Calling on the Phone

3 Ways To Get A Shipper Without Picking Up The Phone https://youtu.be/CXxMjh6EHPw    No one likes cold calls! Here are a 3 ways to get a shipper without cold calling! In this episode, we talk about the dreaded cold call. Most times they are a grind! So switch it up with some other methods. Grab […]

9 Upgrades to the New eCarrierCheck!

9 GREAT Upgrades to eCarrierCheck 1. Simplified Search Finding the right carrier shouldn’t be hard. Discover your next Carrier or Shipper faster and more efficiently. With our redesigned search page, combine filters like equipment, location, lane, company data, safety/vetting details, and much more. Your ideal carrier is now just a few clicks away. 2. Comprehensive […]

Make Carrier Hiring Decisions with Confidence

In the fast-paced world of the brokerage industry, the challenge isn’t just finding carriers—it’s ensuring that you collaborate with trustworthy and reliable ones. Every minute spent screening carriers to distinguish genuine contributors from potential threats is a minute not spent on growing your business. Our platform is here to be your ultimate solution: Bypass Potential […]

Freight Sales Live Call-In Questions

In this episode of eCarrierCheck Live, Nate and Jared take live call-ins from people working in the freight sales industry. eCarrierCheck should be your #1 source for targeted freight industry sales leads, all at your fingertips. Find shippers using the industries largest selection of filters. You can find specific types of shippers & carriers moving […]

Stay Motivated & On-task in the Freight Industry

Staying motivated and on-task is essential for success in the freight industry. As a fast-paced and constantly evolving field, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose focus. But with the right mindset and strategies, you can stay motivated and achieve your goals. Here are a few tips and advice for staying motivated and […]

Freight Sales Interview with Chase Jutras of Swan Transportation

In this episode of eCarrierCheck Freight Talk, we welcome Chase Jutras with Swan Transportation which is Brokerage on the move! Chase talks about: 1. Mega brokers vs smaller operations 2. Prospecting resources 3. Building a conversation 4. Find their pain points 5. It’s all about the relationship 6. You have to have a time-management plan […]

2023 Business Plan

This is a great video on the importance of having or updating your Trucking Industry Business Plan for 2023. 1. Avoid Pitfalls. 2. Budget for the unknowns. 3. Understand costs and maximizing assets. 4. You must see the opportunities 5. Learn from those that have gone before you. Plus, much more information on how to […]

WOW! Live Freight Broker Cold Calls.

WOW! Live Freight Broker Cold Calls With Jared Ross and Nate Marquez. Here is a video that will show you exactly what it takes to successfully make cold calls. Sit back and listen to Jared Ross who has been in the freight industry helping freight brokers succeed. Jared demonstrates actual Live freight broker cold calls […]