Welcome Charles Mundy, Senior Instructor/Consultant at the Exodus Logistics Learning Center, LLC. Charles offers dispatcher and freight broker 101 training. With Charles knowledge and experience in the freight industry, he can teach you how to be successful in the freight industry. It is important to have the right tools and guidance. Questions: Reach out to […]

Freight Sales Talk with Shaggy!

Shaggy is widely recognized as one of the industry’s biggest experts in the trucking consulting & training arena. He brings a fun, realistic, and energetic approach to all the services he provides. Today we talk about “Freight Sales.” and why it is so hard to break out of the pack and rise to the top. […]

Freight Broker Interview with JR Renteria of TEYO Logistics

Jared Ross interviews JR about his journey so far as a freight broker and what path he took to get there. They also discuss JR’s method for staying organized. Discussed are the following: 1. Learn about training options 2. What training did not teach him! 3. What is the main goal for your company? 4. […]

Watch LIVE Dispatcher Cold Calls to Carriers

Sit in on LIVE dispatch calls with Ashley from Lacey Connect Logistics. ( & Leah with DCMJ Logistics They both jump right into the interview and conduct cold calls. Each has some great advice and lessons learned along their way. eCarrierCheck and Ashley/Leah talk about the industry and start making cold calls LIVE with […]

How to ONE-UP Your Competition in the Logistics World

Join us today to hear from BEST SELLING author & one of the ABSOLUTE leaders in sales strategy! Anthony Iannarino drops so many “golden nuggets” in this interview that you cannot afford to pass it up. He is just that good! 1. How do you get “One-up” on your competition who offers similar solutions? 2. […]

Finish the Year Strong (Part 2) -Team eCarrierCheck!

(Part two) with Jared Ross & Nate Marquez -Finishing the Year Strong includes: 1. Adopt technology to push yourself & your business forward in the 2nd half of the year. 2. Find a Mentor. Pay for a one-on-one session with him/her. Commit to it. 3. Push yourself to increase growth with new and existing relationships. […]

Finish the Year Strong (Part 1) with Team eCarrierCheck

Jared Ross and Nate Marquez of eCarrierCheck sit down in this two-part series to talk about how to finish 2022 strong! It’s hard to believe this year is half over! What have you done to ensure the second half outpaces the first? 1. How to build momentum in everything you do. 2. How’s your physical, […]

Brad Young -Data Should Be Driving Your Logistics Business!

Brad Young with Third Axiom Solutions is “Mr. Data!” If you are not actively collecting, monitoring, and learning from your business logistics data, you are missing out on opportunities and ultimately money! Brad explains your data gives a clear picture versus what you may think about your logistics business. Fully understanding your data will help […]

Starting a Freight Brokerage. 18 Month Update & Lessons Learned!

Everyone knows it is smart to learn from those that have gone before us! That is why this episode features Mike Burke of Teddy’s Logistics. Jared Ross chats with Mike about his journey thus far, what he as learned, and what he’d do differently. 1. Can you change careers paths and pursue owning a Freight […]

Grow Your Trucking Business, Interview with Curtis at Buckeye Freight Express

If we all had the motivation, discipline, determination, and mindset as Curtis Grant -President of Buckeye Freight Express, we’d all be one step ahead of the competition. Jared Ross connects with Curtis to talk about: 1. Focusing on quality loads and clients. 2. Reinforcing the importance of relationships and connections. 3. In your business, you […]