As we look forward into 2022

To Our eCarrierCheck Subscribers: Happy New Year! We hope that you enjoyed a safe and memorable holiday with your family and friends.  First, thank you for being a subscriber!  In this New Year we wish you prosperity and success in growing your freight business. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. In recap […]

5 Tips to EXPLODE into 2022 (Freight Brokers, Carriers, Dispatchers)

Jared Ross of eCarrierCheck helps logistics professionals with tips that will help them focus and EXPLODE into 2022. Jared explains: 1. Looking at what worked and what did not work in 2021. 2. What is your Vision for 2022? 3. Work on one skill holding you back. 4. How to stay focused. 5. Last but […]

How To Get Your First Load As A Freight Broker

Jared Ross had the pleasure of talking with an eCarrierCheck subscriber who is breaking into new markets using the platform. Please welcome Justin who has been a Freight Broker for 3.5 years. Justin explains how after discovering eCarrierCheck, it changed the way he prospects, sells, and does business. Justin gives tips and advice to new […]

eCarrierCheck Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unlocking the Power of AI At eCarrierCheck, our goal is to help you grow your network and give you the edge you need to succeed. That’s why we recently gave our technology a major upgrade (at no additional cost for our users). We internally call it the eCarrierCheck Equipment AI—A set of trained machine learning […]

Freight Caviar -The Most Interesting People in Logistics

This week Jared Ross, VP of Sales & Business Development for was featured on Freight Caviar’s new series titled “The Most Interesting People in Logistics. Thank you Paul Jaroslawski for having Jared join your program. We look forward to many more great conversations with you. Be sure to learn more about Freight Caviar at […]

Be Resourceful to be Successful in 2022

With about two months remaining in 2021, what can you do to springboard into 2022 on a good note? Jared Ross with explains one strategy to help you be more successful and take on the new year with a new mindset. Let’s face it, growing your business with all the uncertainties over the last […]

Freight Brokers -You Have a Quote, Now What?

Freight Brokers -“You have a quote, now what?”, is part three of a four-part series to help new brokers break into the game. Topics covered in this video are: Run the miles, understand the locations & value of the load Call the customer and “build trust.” What question do you ask if you are awarded […]

Freight Brokers -How to Build Trust with Prospects!

Freight Brokers -How to Build Trust with Prospects is part two of a four-part series to help new brokers break into the game. Building your business is hard! Jared offers insight into getting off on the right foot with shippers who you are prospecting. Topics covered are: Find your niche Do your homework Respect their […]

Caller ID and Call Log

Information is powerful, and eCarrierCheck makes it simple to access your caller information with an integrated Caller ID & Call Log feature. Quickly view your call history and dig deeper into details of each call/caller. Reviewing your call history can provide insight into where your calls are coming from and what times calls are heavy. […]

Phone Technology Overview & Setup

eCarrierCheck will give your Freight Brokerage the competitive advantage you need to excel against larger brokerages. Your eCarrierCheck auto-assistant will answer carrier calls and get rates for you. Learn how to set up your auto-assistant, click to dial, caller ID, and call forwarding in this video. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at