The BEST Freight Broker Sales Training Tips

Jared with eCarrierCheck speaks about Freight Broker sales and the training and tips that will help you be a winner in 2022. Some tips are common sense that just need more attention while others may not be in your bag of tools. It’s time you ADD them! In this video learn about:

1. The mindset you need to tackle SALES as a Freight Broker.

2. Being able to assess yourself for strengths AND more so, your weaknesses.

3. Be ready for the call…including objections! 4. Be purposeful with each call. Don’t just go through the motions.

5. Improve things just 10 degrees and start to see results! You are most likely closer to success than you know.

6. PICK UP THE 800lb PHONE. Make time for calls…no excuses!

eCarrierCheck helps Freight Brokers succeed by targeting shippers to call and finding carriers to cover those loads when you get them! It’s not a load board…it’s better! Schedule your DEMO today at


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