Check out this video demonstrating our powerful Auto-Assistant. A tool that can help brokerages horizontally-scale their ability to collect rates for hot lanes. If you aren’t able to answer every call, how do you know you are using the most-competitive carrier? Or even the safest carriers?

How it works:

When you sign up for eCarrierCheck, you will receive your own personal phone number that links to our Auto Assistant technology. On a case-by-case, lane-by-lane basis- If you want to automatically collect rates:

  1. Use our website to setup a call script for that lane. This is what carriers will hear when they call in. It’s based on the load information.
  2. Selecting a bidding strategy. Carriers leaving rates could be leaving a blind rate, or it could be an open bidding process where the Auto Assistant tells carriers exactly how competitive they need to be.
  3. Finally, Use your Auto Assistant number when posting to a load board. When carriers see your load posted, they will call into the Auto Assistant first, and we will take care of the rest. Carriers that want to talk to a person will still be forwarded to you.
  4. Watch us collect rates in real-time. You can view & process incoming callers, view their company profiles, and see their rates in real-time.

You can have multiple lanes, and multiple call-scripts going simultaneously.

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