How to Make Money with your Cargo & Sprinter Van

Jared Ross with sits down with the “King of Cargo/Sprinter Vans”, -Tavaris Little. Can you make money with a cargo/sprinter van? HECK YES! Take tips from Tavaris. You can also reach out to him via his YouTube Channel.

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In this video, Tavaris talks about:

1. The result of NOT doing your research
2. Having a “Make it work” attitude
3. DON’T rely on Load Boards!!!!
4. Choose the type of shippers you want to work with.
5. Don’t overthink your sales calls!
6. Do sales calls in person!
7. On-demand Apps can open doors for you
8. Beginners Tips:
a. Define your service
b. Get the right equipment
c. Know your expenses “
d. Don’t worry about the other delivery services.
e. Know your minimums
9. Build relationship and always move towards direct shippers.

Golden Nugget: “Some of your biggest success comes from your failures.”

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