At eCarrierCheck, our goal is to help you find carriers, and grow your business. The shipper search within eCarrierCheck allows you to get started with the first step of the prospecting process– finding targets.

All of the searches you use to find carriers, can be applied to finding new shippers. What we do is find shippers that use carriers that match your search criteria.

Here are some key ideas:
• Search for shippers using self-descriptive company names (Their name describes what they are doing. A company with “Produce” in their name probably does produce.)
• Search for shippers using a combination of location & search filters. This will let you find shippers in a region that use heavy haul equipment or reefers or flatbeds or anything
• Search for shippers using the DOT Number of a carrier. Check out what shippers a carrier hauls for by typing in their DOT Number.
• The Carrier Ratio percentage allows you to check if the shipper is using a wide variety of carriers vs. a small number of preferred carriers. A higher percentage means they are more likely to be using brokers in their pipeline.

Try it out, and let us know if you have any questions as we continue to grow our technology.

Thanks for using eCarrierCheck!
-eCarrierCheck Team


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