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Jared Ross with eCarrierCheck sits down with Tyler who is a seasoned Account Executive with one of the nation’s largest 3PLs who’s mission is to provide shipping & freight services to small and mid-sized companies.

In this video Tyler provides tips, tools and techniques that he has learned along the way. These tools have helped elevate him to achieve success in the freight transportation and logistics industry. He leaves us with a great “golden nugget: “Do the common things uncommonly well!”

1. Cold Calls now vs. then.
2. Don’t let the NOs stop you.
3. Getting past the gatekeepers.
4. Opening lines to help start the conversation.
5. Pay attention and match the body language.
6. Have the right mind-set.
7. When on the phone, have the right tone!
8. If you get a NO, call back in 6 months.
9. Evaluate if there is a REAL opportunity when calling.

Golden Nugget: “Do the common things uncommonly well!”

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