New Freight Broker, 1 Million $$$ in 6-Months

Is it possible for a new freight broker to hit a million $ in sales in 6-months? IT IS!!! And with the right start, you can see how it is done. Meet Maria who is just a little over her 6-month mark and approaching a million dollars in sales.

Maria mentions a few key areas that helped her get in the freight broker game and off to a strong start!

  1. Build a success mentality -Failure is not an option.
  2. Research and talk to industry experts before you begin
  3. Professional training is a great investment
  4. Research shippers before you call them
  5. Be smart and use the latest technology to find carriers & shippers
  6. Be 100% honest with shippers and drivers in all aspects
  7. Communicate & pay drivers timely
  8. Keep your shippers updated and be polite and thankful

Schedule your DEMO today and find your EDGE!

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