Freight Dispatcher & Broker Training 101 with Charles Mundy.

Jared Ross with sits down with Charles Mundy of Exodus Logistics Learning Center to talk about his education and consulting roll in the logistics industry.

Charles takes his years of hands-on experience and takes it to the masses by offering:

1. Freight Dispatcher 101 training including live training and self-paced classes

2. Freight Brokers 101 training including live training and self-paced classes.

Both classes have the option for ongoing training that continue to refine and hone your transportation industry skills. Contact Charles anytime at to learn about all his services!

Thank you, Charles, for all the great knowledge and letting our fans get to know you. And remember, the freight dispatcher & freight broker tools at eCarrierCheck can help you find new shippers and carriers in a very competitive industry.

Schedule your own demo at

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