Why we created eCarrierCheck.com

About Us.

eCarrierCheck was founded by an innovative team of logistics professionals to fill the gaps left by other software solutions. Our software is carefully designed to be affordable for any company to add to their tech stack; and easy-to-use for beginners, yet advanced enough to empower users who have been in the logistics industry for years.

For those of us with broker experience, eCarrierCheck is the tool we wish we had years ago.

Let us help you find carriers, find shippers, and much much more. Request a demo.

Our Story

With over 80 years of combined trucking & logistics industry experience, our leadership team knew there had to be solutions to the problems we’ve faced every day in our industry. Preferred carriers aren’t always available. Load boards, while invaluable, leave many stones unturned. Finding carriers can become a desperate Google hunt that takes hours and turns up nothing.

  • When carriers fall off or your reputation is on the line, you need a simple way to find and select new carriers without spending hours on the phone.
  • When you’re ready to grow your brokerage/trucking company or find back-haul lanes, there should be an easier way to discover which shippers operate in your wheelhouse.
  • For small teams working on hot spot market lanes, how do you select the best carrier if your team is too small to handle the flood of incoming load board calls?

For the past year, our team of logistics innovators has been quietly developing a platform to solve these problems and break the mold from other logistics tools. We then worked hand-in-hand with real brokerages, testing and fine-tuning our platform in real mission-critical scenarios. We are excited to show you first-hand how eCarrierCheck can take your business to the next level!