Our Story

Innovation from an unlikely source

We’re a small, passionate team of former industry professionals (from both the asset side, and the freight broker side). 

Since 2020, we’ve been building solutions to the problems & uncertainties facing brokers, carriers, and dispatchers every day. We aren’t a Silicon Valley Tech company; we are born from the transportation industry and our goal is to build tools the tools we wish we had years ago. 

We started by building specialized carrier sourcing tools; but over the years, our platform has grown to cover many other issues as well. 

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with real users (brokers, shippers, carriers, and dispatchers) in order to test & fine-tune our sourcing tools in real mission-critical scenarios. We don’t just do this to sell software, we love the freight industry and want to help small brokers, carriers, and shippers succeed. If you visit our YouTube channel, you can watch us share industry knowledge, cold calling tips, and sales strategies for free.

Why eCarrierCheck.com?

Learn more about why we built our solutions.

The Need for Alternative Sourcing Tools

  • Over-relying on load boards makes it hard to differentiate from thousands of other companies doing the same thing. 
  • Over-relying on load boards and spot freight leaves you more vulnerable to scams, fraud, and double brokering (even with strong vetting processes in place).
  • When looking for contract freight, you need a way of finding the hundreds of thousands of active carriers (and/or brokerages) that aren’t on load boards.
  • In tough market conditions, the “cost” of turning down a shipment is higher than ever. Sourcing competitive carriers when nobody else can is an advantage that will help you to either gain new business, or retain existing business.
The Case for Affordable, Enriched Shipper Leads
  • Many of the best leads platforms are not designed for freight brokers or carriers. 
  • Those platforms are extremely expensive, especially for small companies ($5,000-10,000+ per year!)
  • As freight volume declines, the need for more shipping options is higher than ever.
  • Whenever a single shipper accounts for a high percentage of your company’s book; you are in a risky position if you ever lose that account (for any reason)
Improving Carrier Vetting across the Industry
  • We built a free vetting service in order to reduce the massive fraud that is rampant in the industry.
  • Relying on reports left by other users may or may not even be true– So we use an objective process that is equally applied to all similar-sized carriers.
  • When relying on reports left by other users– realize that someone had to have hired the bad company in the first place; otherwise there’d be no report. Our platform’s goal is to prevent you from being the first-in-line at the bad buffet.
  • Services that allow carriers to boost their rating by paying fees are “pay-to-win” and not in the true spirit of an objective carrier risk rating. 
  • Our metrics are transparent, and allow carrier scores to be improved over time.

Let us help you find carriers, find shippers, and much much more. Request a demo.