About Us

About Us

Why We Created eCarrierCheck.com

Why eCarrierCheck.com?

Staying competitive in a dynamic industry

Relying on Load Boards creates three problems:

  1.  Hard to differentiate from the thousands of other companies doing the same thing
  2. Leaves you more vulnerable to scams, fraud, and double-brokering. (Even with an strong vetting process in place)
  3. You have no access to the hundreds of thousands of carriers, or thousands of brokers that aren’t even on load boards
These companies are only available by reaching out and building a direct relationship.

We poured all of our knowledge & skills into making eCarrierCheck.com the ultimate sourcing solution outside of Load Boards.

For those of us with broker experience, eCarrierCheck is the tool we wish we had years ago.

Let us help you find carriers, find shippers, and much much more. Request a demo.

Our Story

Innovation from an unlikely source

eCarrierCheck was founded by a innovative team of logistics professionals. Our founding team has over 80 years of combined trucking & logistics experience as both asset carriers and as freight brokers. We aren’t a Silicon Valley Tech company; we are born from the transportation industry and know the problems facing brokers & carriers every single day:

  • It’s time consuming to find new shipper leads in your wheelhouse
  • Load boards (while invaluable) leave many stones unturned
  • Finding carriers outside of boards can become a google hunt that takes hours and turns up nothing
  • And we have increasingly seen load boards leaving people more vulnerable to fraudulent practices such as double brokering 
  • Fraud is now so prevalent, industry professionals are forced to spend valuable time & money using vetting solutions just to weed out the bad apples, instead of finding the good ones

Since our launch in 2020, our team of logistics innovators has been quietly developing our platform to solve these problems and break the mold from other logistics tools. We then worked hand-in-hand with real brokers, testing and fine-tuning our platform in real mission-critical scenarios. We are excited to show you first-hand how eCarrierCheck can take your business to the next level.