How To Find More Shippers As A Carrier

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How To Find More Shippers as a Carrier

eCarrierCheck is a brand new logistics technology platform for finding Shippers, Brokers, or Carriers to work with.


Building Relationships
Building strong relationships will lead to steady lanes at the best rates. Networking with Direct Shippers Goal: Understand their business, and how you can provide value for them.   Ask questions with empathy   Be positive and PROMPT with your responses.   Thank people for their time and leave the door open for future opportunities   Find new direct shippers, provide value, and build a relationship with trust and integrity.    

Building TRUST
Trust comes from building relationships over time   Always be HONEST   Honor your commitments   Be present. Share your story. Listen.

Create VALUE
Communication is key!   Make networking a habit (If you aren’t networking, your competition will)   Find a niche market.   Make a good first impression. Have a checklist and ask questions.   Take care of your truck and fleet.  Know your delivery companies and customers. And most of all create VALUE in your relationships!   [email protected]
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