Your transportation network shouldn't be a blind spot.

Safety Net

Routing guides can fail. When your preferred carriers/brokers are rejecting rates and load boards are silent then what is your backup plan? In uncertain times, you need certainty. Our search software gives you visibility on carriers that match up with your transportation network. 


Finding carriers shouldn’t be hard. The same tools we offer brokers can be used as your safety net to find carriers on rejected loads where load boards fail. Lookup a known carrier via their contact information, or find new carriers based on a custom search filter.

Looking for your next preferred carrier? Our advanced searches give you visibility on carriers who can move your shipments.

Our location search tools help you find carriers not only based out of an area; but also the carriers known to operate in that area or lane. You can also search for carriers based on their FMCSA information, or based on certain equipment information like trailer length or GVWM.

Stay Informed.

We provide you with the CSA data you need to safely select the right carrier. View a carrier’s profile to quickly verify safety metrics and operating history. Drill into inspections, crashes, and other CSA data.

Keep track of your carriers, even when they aren’t hauling your freight. 

Get notified about incidents which occur with carriers hauling your freight. Organize your carriers by adding them to lists. Get alerted when their information changes or crosses certain thresholds. 

Built for You.

eCarrierCheck was created & fine-tuned by logistics professionals. Stay informed about your transportation network, and augment your tech stack by adding a safety net to your pipeline.

In a fast-paced industry, you need every edge to stay competitive.

We’re excited to show you the power of eCarrierCheck!