Finding Carriers and Shippers shouldn't be hard.

Load Board Independence

If load boards can’t find your carrier, then who can? Free yourself from this crippling dependency. In uncertain times, you need certainty. Augment your logistics pipeline with a safety net. Our search software can find carriers when load boards can’t.


Finding carriers shouldn’t be hard. We provide a powerful, but easy-to-use search interface into up-to-date carrier information. Lookup a known carrier via their contact information, or find new carriers based on a custom search filter.

Can’t find someone to haul your freight? Our advanced searches give you visibility on carriers who can move your shipments.

Our location search tools help you find carriers not only based out of an area; but also the carriers known to operate in that area or lane. You can also search for carriers based on their FMCSA information, or based on certain equipment information like trailer length or GVWM.

By The Numbers

In addition to Vans & Flatbeds, finding Specialty Carriers has never been easier.

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Interstate Bulk/Aggregate
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Intrastate Bulk/Aggregate
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Interstate Intermodal
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Interstate Reefers
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Interstate Power-Only


We provide you with the CSA data you need to safely select the right carrier. View a carrier’s profile to quickly verify safety metrics and operating history. Drill into inspections, crashes, and other CSA data.

Stay organized by sharing information about carriers with other users in your organization.

Generate snapshots of a carrier’s profile at the point in time you hired them.


Grow your business by finding shippers that specialize in your wheelhouse. The transportation industry is competitive. 

Stay afloat, speed up your prospecting, and ultimately grow your business.

The first step towards prospecting is identifying leads. We empower you with filters to find shippers using specific kinds of carriers and/or operating in specific regions. 


Use our optional auto-assistant to help source bids in competitive spot market lanes. For certain hot lanes, if you can’t horizontally scale your ability to answer phone calls, you can’t compete with larger companies.

Send incoming calls to an auto assistant that will collect bids & display them through our site in real-time.

Automatically collect rates from incoming callers. View the bids in real-time & select the right carrier based on price and carrier information. 

Built for You.

eCarrierCheck was created & fine-tuned by people who broker freight. We’ve turned our problems into solutions, and are passing those solutions onto you.

In a fast-paced industry, you need every edge to stay competitive.

Our software will empower even small brokers to punch above their weight. We’re excited to show you the power of eCarrierCheck!